Something to wet your wistle….

I’m getting very exited about next April’s show at Mission Comics!
I found this review of last years show and thought I’d share it with you in hopes of getting you excited too….

Drawing on her background as a trained scientific illustrator, Joslyn Doerge explores erotic attraction, conceptions of beauty and the physical body’s fleshy meat, by literally pulling the the skin off her subjects and taking a peak at what lies underneath. But rather then falling into butcher house imagery, Doerge’s subjects firmly stake claim to the bubblegum innocence of mid-century pin-up models.

A Chicago native, Doerge graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and also did independent study at the Field Museum of Chicago, focusing on scientific illustration, mixed media work and stained glass. Her graduate BFA show was one of five selected for honorable mention, and was featured in The Art Institute of Chicago’s paper.

In May of 2010, her work was shown as part of the Telluride Mountain Film Festival. After traveling extensively, Doerge has recently settled in San Francisco, and is continuing to ingrate her travel experiences into her artwork. “Meat Market” marks Doerge’s first San Francisco show.

Remember that’s: Mission Comics * 3520 20th St. Suite B
San Francisco, CA * 415.695.1545 * April 13th 2012 * 8pm-late!
Hope to see you There!!!

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