New Art!

Hello All! I’ll been a while since I’ve posted some new work. This piece will be going into the February group show I’m curating at Thunder River Theater on February 9th. More details to follow. Hope to see you there!

“Meat Ms Monroe” March 6th-April 3rd 2020

  Aspen Art Curation and I are hosting a pop up at Jimmy’s in Aspen Colorado! The gallery will be featuring art by yours truly and  will be open every day from 6-9. There will be events through out the month. Hope to see you there!

An Excerpt from “Artist Statement 2019”

“We are literally peeling back the façade of beauty and peering underneath. The removal of the flesh reminds us that we are all, under the surface made meat. Although sensual, there is a sense of power that these iconic final images seem to have. By reminding the audience that we are all the same underneath,…

New Artwork

It occurs to me that I have been so busy working, that I have not posted some new artwork in a while…. This is Sleeping Marilyn and she is part of the ongoing series. I will have 3 more pieces to post soon!

Thank you CMC!

Thank you very much for including myself and Natalya Kochak in your group show “Mutual Makers”! It was a wonderful evening and we look forward to seeing you again. If you missed the show, the artwork will be hanging in The Colorado Mountain Collage (Aspen) Gallery and School until May.

Leather Burning with Gold Leaf

I originally thought it was a hawk’s feather. Later come to find out it’s actually from the Great Horned Owl who lives in the tree outside my window. There used to be so much noise going on in that tree. Not so much once the owls moved in. Thank you for making the neighborhood quiet…

Leather Burning With Gold Leaf!

Inside of a cowboy hat. I call this one Kill Shot in honor of the owl’s talons about to catch the mouse… Leather Burning with gold leaf.

Thank You!

Thank you for coming to the Pre Fall Art Show! It was wonderful seeing all of your lovely faces. Stay tuned and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on the next opening.

Pre Fall Art Show

Come see the Pre Fall Show from 6-11 7/27/17! There will be drinks, snacks, free live music and of course great art! Yours truly will be unveiling 5 never been shown before pieces. Hope to see you there! CONTENT_HERE

New Series!

Hi all Its been a while! Here are two new pieces for a series I am creating. They are 2’x 4′ wood burnings with iridescent acrylic. They are from Marilyn Monroe’s last photo shoot. Stay tuned for more