Tomorrow at the Telluride Strong House Gallery….

Here is a great show coming up at a great gallery! The Strong House Gallery was one of the first gallery’s to show my work. If your in the neighborhood come out and play!

We are so excited to host
Flair Robinson’s
52 Wheels
Thursday October 6
5pm – 8pm
@ The Stronghouse Gallery

booze, food and FUN! will be served

52 Wheels
Flair Robinson
“52 Wheels” is a show about running wild through the night, on October 31st. It’s about the smell of cotton candy, hot buttered popcorn and the leaves whirling ’round you like a Tilt-a Whirl. It’s about the feeling that you get when you’ve just shot off your last bottle rocket (and the cops are coming) and it’s about the color of the wrapper, on your last Sugar Daddy ( in the bottom of your Halloween bag) in 1967. Put it all together and you have a show about nostalgia, color and an unrequited love for all things that spin.